TOTAL OFFICE Kelowna – Agents of Change our Environmental Mandate

At Total Office, we care about the world we live in, and understand the effects the products we sell have on the environment. Our own environmental mandate is to promote Canadian manufactured products that are
minimally packaged and produced to environmental standards by workers being paid a fair wage. Products
that are made to stand the test of time and last.

Total Office is one of the first companies to adopt the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce Go Green Business
Challenge Workplace Strategy. Internally we recycle used furniture in our Pre-Owned Furniture Division, separate and recycle all packaging and reuse as many of the products we can.

Our goal in adopting the Go Green Business Challenge is to further enhance our green initiatives by empowering our people to achieve greater success. We have the resources and the expertise essential in designing and implementing environmentally and user friendly long-term office spaces, with the least amount of impact on our environment.

Our Major supplier Teknion Furniture Systems is the first office furniture manufacturer to attain ISO 14001 certification for all of their major facilities. Teknion has an unparalleled environmental sustainability mandate. All product lines are Green Guard certified for indoor air quality. Integration is clearly evident in how we
apply our extensive portfolio of products. It saves time, money and the environment by adapting to the constant change in the workplace.

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