Ant Hill Collective Launch!


Last night was an amazing launch party at the Ant Hill collective.  Not only did they launch the forward-thinking co-work venture “Ant Hill Collective”, there was also the co-launch for the Okanagan Car Share Co-op!  This event had a great turn-out and everyone seemed engaged in what had to be said, truly a reflection of the sustainability-minded community.


We’re especially excited because this was an opportunity to partner with one of the many grassroots organisations in the community, in terms of supplying quality pre-owned furniture at a desirable price-point for non-profit organisations.  The line of furniture we supplied the Ant Hill collective was all manufactured in Canada, is GreenGuard Certified and came out of ISO 14001 certified facilities.  The amazing part is that we handled that furniture from its original installation now to this new home, which is a testament to its quality, durability, and our sustainability efforts as a dealer.

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Okanagan Car-Share Co-Op at:


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