Ergonomists agree that alternating between sitting and standing results in decreased discomfort, increases productivity and, when given the option, is the preferred method of working by desk users from around the world.

Variation in movement is the key to maintaining a healthy body and the ways to achieve this from a sitting position are extremely limited. Postural variation is the most effective way of reducing musculoskeletal discomfort through weight redistribution and repositioning.

The pressure on the lower back, buttocks and legs is considerably reduced in a standing position as different sets of muscles are activated.  When we move from a sitting to standing position our bodies natural inclination is to stretch and move. The immediate effect is a reduction of the pressure on the spine and improved blood circulation.

A height adjustable desk allows the user to maintain this variable position for as long as they desire whilst still continuing to work as usual.

Technology has taken us to a stage where we are most productive in front of our PC and although we are advised to take regular breaks and move around the office this does not always happen. Sit Stand technology allows the user to achieve many of the benefits they would from leaving their desk while continuing to work.   You get more done when you’re standing up – when you’re sitting, you’re naturally recessive, when you’re standing, you’re ready to do something.

Only an Electric Sit Stand Desk provides true height adjustability as the height can be altered by the individual at the touch of a button throughout the working day as required; the important thing is to vary your routine.  Make a point of getting up every half hour or so and walk around.

One desk is suitable for all people of different shapes and sizes. This caters for a mobile workforce either sharing desks in “hot desk” situations or in call centres with a constant turnover of staff. The flexibility of these desks also accommodates people with disabilities and existing back problems.

Reduce problems caused by static and sedentary postures that can lead to musculoskeletal injuries and work related stress issues.  Incremental changes allow the user to easily change heights between tasks such as typing and writing and assist with comfortable collaboration with colleagues.

Standing burns up to 30% more kilojoules than a static seated position.

Good Ergonomics is good economics.
A healthier, happier staff will result in a more productive workforce. 

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