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Teknion Awarded Architectural Wall Contract by ExxonMobil

  January 17, 2013 – Teknion Corporation today announced that it has officially been awarded the architectural wall contract at ExxonMobil’s new campus currently under construction near Houston, Texas. The campus will house 10,000 employees and is located in north Houston. “This contract represents not only one of the largest architectural wall installations for Teknion, […]

DDM – The Evolution of the Urban Landscape

Design Does Matter is the theme we have been running with.  It takes this idea of design being something subjective and immeasurable, and turns it into something tangible and executable.  The embedded video of Google’s Toronto office takes a cue from our constant promotion of collaboration and engagement. One thing that I constantly talk about […]

Ant Hill Collective Launch!

  Last night was an amazing launch party at the Ant Hill collective.  Not only did they launch the forward-thinking co-work venture “Ant Hill Collective”, there was also the co-launch for the Okanagan Car Share Co-op!  This event had a great turn-out and everyone seemed engaged in what had to be said, truly a reflection […]

DDM – Make Your Move

I’m going to start this off by bringing the master-strategy game of Chess into the picture.  This is a game which requires the utmost analytical consideration, concise strategy with both immediate and long-term consequences. If you study the game of chess, you will quickly find out that many of the pieces move different from one […]

Have some FUN!

I attended a ‘townhall’ meeting yesterday; this was not one of your municipal townhall meetings, but a forum put on by the entrepreneur’s society that I am a part of.  The topic we wrestled with, is putting the ‘fun’ back into entrepreneurship.  Even beyond that, I think we all need to inject some of that […]

St. Georges School

Every once in a while you do a project that makes you want to smile. It touches a spot within you, one deeper than financial gain or professional satisfaction. That feeling knows that in some way, you’ve consciously helped to shape our future generations.  That’s the way I felt when I looked at the completed […]

DDM – The Truth about Architectural Walls

The Truth about Architectural Walls: I’ve talked about architectural walls before; compared them to conventional construction, and provided insight to their fiscal depreciation benefits.  However, in this series we want to challenge our readers, more than just provide them with industry specific details; we want to provide useful information that applies to whatever industry you […]

Design Does Matter – Intro

Design is intelligence made visible. We’ve talked about the future office, now we’re going to talk about why Design Does Matter. We’ll address trends that are influencing the spaces we work and changing the way we live.  The furniture industry follows a pattern, one that is influenced by home interiors and ultimately by our individual […]

The Future Office – VI

“MasterFormat and Office Space” The Future Office is one set in a very competitive space.  As business sectors grow, so do ‘me-too’ organisations and the harder it is to identify a genuine business from a shark.  Organisations have experienced the set-backs that being persuaded by the wrong businesses can create and for years have been […]

Global traveller finds entrepreneurial vision in the Okanagan

Our own Carmen Sparg was recently featured in the Kelowna Capital News. By Joel Young – Kelowna Capital News Published: May 14, 2012 2:00 PM “Vision without action is a day dream but action without vision is a nightmare.” This Japanese proverb is ever so true. I have learned to believe that the single thing that sets […]