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The Future Office – V – Mathematics and the Future Office

The Future Office – V “Mathematics and the Future Office” What more do we know about numbers than the greatest mathematicians in the world?  David Hilbert for instance knows just about as much of a ‘three’ as anyone of us.  Positive integers are the foundation of counting and arithmetic.  The only difference between great mathematicians and […]

Kelowna Chamber of Commerce Directors 2012

Here is the official picture of the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce Directors with our own Carmen Sparg. The programs and committees of the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce are overseen by a volunteer Board of Directors consisting of 14 elected Directors and four appointed Directors. Collectively, Directors and Appointees bring expertise from their respective sectors to […]

The Future Office – IV – Design vs Creativity

The Future Office – IV “Design vs Creativity” The office prominent in the workplace today is insufficient for the amount of talent in – and the calibre of our current workforce.  We have had the privilege to be a part of designing and implementing the small – yet rapidly growing – innovative workplaces in offices […]

Chamber Announces New Board of Directors for 2012/2013

Total Office is proud to announce that our own Carmen Sparg will sit on this year’s 2012 Board of Directors for the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce. Carmen being sworn in by Kelowna Mayor Walter Gray. February 27, 2012 – Kelowna, BC – The Kelowna Chamber of Commerce today announces the new members to the Board of […]

The Future Office – III – Virtuality

“Virtuality”   There are so many terms floating around in our industry that it’s difficult to determine what a marketing ploy is and what is actually relevant to your organisation.  Trends in the market are driving a shift in the way office furniture is designed and utilized.  Designers and architects are noticing the footprint of […]

The Future Office – II – Solution #7

We cannot view the future as some distant ideal that we have little or no say in.  Instead we need to – we must see the future as the best practices of our industry today, being amplified throughout the entire industry as a whole.  Then, with a solid foundation we can trend forward, increasing our […]

The Future Office – I

The Future Office isn’t a distant depiction of what the workplace can look like – it’s the best practices of today being amplified for the majority of the workplace as a whole tomorrow.  The way computers are used in pretty much every business and help us achieve far more productivity than we could have twenty […]

2011 Business Excellence Finalist – Thank you Kelowna!

Total Office has been nominated for the ‘Small Business Award (1-10 employees), aside All Occasions Party Rentals and X.10.SION 207 Clothing/Surf Culture.  We will like to extend a sincere ‘Thank You!’ to the businesses and individuals of Kelowna for their commitment and patronship. “Kelowna, BC – Sixteen finalists will be honored at the 24th Annual […]


Ergonomists agree that alternating between sitting and standing results in decreased discomfort, increases productivity and, when given the option, is the preferred method of working by desk users from around the world. Variation in movement is the key to maintaining a healthy body and the ways to achieve this from a sitting position are extremely […]