DDM – The Evolution of the Urban Landscape

Design Does Matter is the theme we have been running with.  It takes this idea of design being something subjective and immeasurable, and turns it into something tangible and executable.  The embedded video of Google’s Toronto office takes a cue from our constant promotion of collaboration and engagement.

One thing that I constantly talk about is how we’re not trying to foresee what the future office is like by guessing what works best for us; we’re determining what the future office landscape will be by taking the best practices of today and applying them on a general-business level.  It starts with a great design.
“Although we can talk in lofty and abstract ways about design and sustainability, I think it is most productive to talk about and practice design at the very human level and to think about sustainability in terms of one’s day-to-day life…Design, in the end, is about creating better things for people.  Along the way, it can generate better profits as well. ” – Aaron Betsky, ‘Working with What We Have’

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