Design Does Matter – Intro

Design is intelligence made visible.

We’ve talked about the future office, now we’re going to talk about why Design Does Matter.

We’ll address trends that are influencing the spaces we work and changing the way we live.  The furniture industry follows a pattern, one that is influenced by home interiors and ultimately by our individual taste and preference.  That means that in order to predict what the future office may look like, we cannot just look at towers of offices, we need to look inside homes, at fashion and technology.  Design is all around us.

To start off this new series, have a look at an interesting article drawn up by

This article covers a trend that we have numerous studies on and have been following for the last few years; the generational gap in the workplace.  This is something that is inevitable, but good.

“Design can be used to solve business problems, build customer relationships and create products that people find meaningful, engaging and a pleasure to use.” – Peter Lawrence, Design and the future of business.

The merge of generations in the workplace can only me one thing – a positive adaption in design.  The same way that technology has been able to adapt to an almost universal standard in user interface, furniture is making extraordinary leaps from a cookie-cutter and traditional floorplate to one that is adaptive, functional and personable to the end user.  Design is playing a key role in taking what is usually a very static item and breathing life into it.

That’s all for today, but check back next month as we take the four generations in the office and peel each layer away carefully to identify what are the key influencing factors and what you need to know right now to optimize your workplace growth strategy.

Until next time, change the world…PH

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