Trade Exchange Canada

Don’t Pay – Trade!

Total Office is committed to helping new businesses thrive and being involved in the business community.  One way to achieve both of these points, is our alignment with TEC (Trade Exchange Canada), our special offers for new businesses, as well as various 100% trade and 50% trade deals, updated on a weekly basis.
We strongly believe in the community that TEC has built through connected businesses with each other and fostering relationships that may have never happened without the opportunity to trade products and services from one another.  One comment I often hear is how the experience that a trade customer receives is often the needed boost in word-of-mouth to help propel the business forward, especially for new businesses!
Below is an excerpt pulled from TEC’s website to help better illustrate their business model:
Trade Exchange Canada has always had a goal of helping small and medium sized enterprises (SME’s) through seasonal or cyclical economic downturns by introducing them to a new customer base, conserving cash, interest free financing, utilization of excess inventory and many other ways. Trade exchanges and barter flourish in slow economic times. We are poised and ready to take on new business and we are setting up the fundamentals to ensure that those new businesses that join our group are treated professionally.

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