Have some FUN!

I attended a ‘townhall’ meeting yesterday; this was not one of your municipal townhall meetings, but a forum put on by the entrepreneur’s society that I am a part of.  The topic we wrestled with, is putting the ‘fun’ back into entrepreneurship.  Even beyond that, I think we all need to inject some of that fun back into our lives, whether we’re entrepreneur’s or not.


Our three guest speakers had diverse backgrounds and an extensive amount of entrepreneurial knowledge.  The main theme that kept resurfacing was: Focus, focus, focus; which makes sense, because both Bill Gates and Warren Buffet contribute their success to ‘Focus’, above all other characteristics.
But how exactly do you distill a single word such as ‘focus’ into something executable in your life?  That’s the part we wrestled with, and here are some of the answers (not all of them, but some good ones).
1.      Remember what you got into the business for, and get back to that.
2.      Develop a ‘Personal Growth Plan’, because you’re not your business, embody whom you are, and grow that unique and amazing individual!
3.      Schedule in some time, every day, to do something that you enjoy and has absolutely NOTHING to do with your work.
4.      Try to interact with people more, and less on a business or ‘selling-them-something’ level.
The easy thing to do is talk about doing something, the hard part is actually integrating it into your life, however.  Make time, figure out what’s important and stay focused.  Implement one or two things – not as a gimmick – but as a genuine reminder of why you made the decisions you make, and why you’re going to make more of the same decisions moving forward.
One takeaway I really appreciated was to dream a hundred dreams, not any less, and write them down.  Either plaster a wall with those dreams, or write it on a piece of paper, or on your computer.  Every chance you get, cross them out as you achieve them.  These are your milestones and these are your reasons for what you’re doing!
Until next time, go change your world.

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