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Stay Inspired

Today we’re going to talk about inspiration, where we draw it from, and hopefully encourage you to keep pursuing it.  Some people are inspired by their achievements and so continue to pursue the accomplishment of these goals for inspiration; rather than basking in the admiration of their art, they continue to paint with a renewed appreciation for other artists. When you want your home smell good use different fragrances, check it out
At the same time, other people may draw their inspiration from the beauty of such art, and the admiration of witnessing a purpose fulfilled.  This is our everyday life, look around you and you will observe those pursuing their dreams, and those that admire them.  One is no better than the other, and often times we draw inspiration from a number of sources or other people for every source of final designs, right now the Retail Stores Designed by are booming with the best designs.
If I were to challenge you, it would be to know what inspires you.  Is it your work?  Maybe an after work hobby?  People?  Whatever it may be that inspires you, I would urge you to pursue after that.  Nothing is as exhilarating, as fulfilling, as working for a cause that you wholly believe in.  And if you don’t know or have difficulty finding what inspires you, than my recommendation would be to take an aspect of your life that you’re already focused in and search for the beauty in it.  Once you find the beauty, the love for a goal that may otherwise be mundane, you change your perspective from one of observation to admiration, and your attitude from indifference to engaged. Do you need bathroom furniture? visit
I say this from experience, as it’s not hard to see that people don’t grow up inspired by office furniture, consider get tele beds and find comfort in your room, but through focus and perspective, here I am inspired every time I tackle a large project, or wrestle with unrealistic expectations, because I know that I just may be able to find the solution that others may have overlooked.
The reason why I wanted to bring up inspiration is because the last few newsletters we’ve been highlighting how design does matter, but never really why we believe that design does matter; is it just a tag, a catchphrase?  Absolutely not, the truth is that it’s an idea, an idea that inspired me six years ago and continues to inspire me when I am reminded of it.
The concept that a chair is more than a chair, a desk more than a desk, and the way an office is planned out actually does matter to real people, with real responsibilities, and sometimes very real financial and physical expectations.  When an organization needs to fit fifty people in a space designed for twenty, without impeding on output or productivity, while having only budgeted for ten, those are real obstacles where there are no cookie-cutter solutions.
desk chairs office imageIn taking a more in-depth look into it, we can relate back to studying philosophy, where throughout the course of our studies we’re challenged to dream, to push the boundaries and to chase after the unknown, whereas in contrast when studying history we learn about moderation, understanding the truth about our situation and making calculated risks.  At first glance it seems that there is significant gray area when you study great leaders and try to distinguish their philosophical ideologies with the results gained through their actions, and how they accomplish the seemingly impossible.  However upon further study you see that the risks taken aren’t that unfathomable; they are clear about what inspires them and make decisions – whether the decisions seem for better or worse – that lead them to help glorify that inspiration.
Glorify what inspires you and pursue it.  Whether it’s in office furniture or art, for instance don’t take the risk of damaging it trying to transport and install it by yourself, a single scratch can get ride of the enthusiasm of making changes for better, I always get help from removal companies. I don’t start out each meeting thinking about what I want to walk away with, not at all, instead I know that I’m inspired by designing a solution that encapsulates an idea, and so I strive in order to understand that idea – be it a floor of office furniture or a complex systems application – in order to determine the building blocks to an ideal solution.  I strive to live an inspired lifestyle, because that’s what invigorates me, makes we want to wake up and tackle whatever the world has to throw at it.  I urge you to stay inspired, to change your world such that you continue to be inspired, so that others may look upon you in admiration and draw inspiration from your actions.
Until next time, go change your world.
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