St. Georges School

Every once in a while you do a project that makes you want to smile. It touches a spot within you, one deeper than financial gain or professional satisfaction. That feeling knows that in some way, you’ve consciously helped to shape our future generations.  That’s the way I felt when I looked at the completed classrooms at St. Georges School for boys in Vancouver (  There was something about having the classroom furniture set-up in those majestic halls, which spoke volumes over what you see in the brochures and even our own showrooms.  There is something real about it.
Let me fill you in on where I’m coming from:  At the 2000 World’s Fair, held in Hannover, Germany, they showcased different ways to improve the relationship between humankind, nature, and technology. Interestingly enough, one of the questions this state-of-the-art event asked was what the school of the future will look like. The answer:
The Fridtjof-Nansen Study
To measure the benefits of a more ergonomic classroom – with its pedagogical possibilities and new motion-friendly teaching methods – this acclaimed primary school hosted a four-year study dedicated to exploring the relationship between a student’s opportunity for in-class motion and their health, well-being, and classroom performance. VS provided all the ergonomic furniture for this “school of the future,” including flexible, movable seating, height-adjustable desks, and versatile, easy-to-reposition work surfaces.
After the installation at St. Georges School for boys, and looking into the Fridtjof-Nansen Study, I realised the school of the future was a lot closer to today than we may have thought ten years ago.


Furniture isn’t just a capital purchase anymore, to lay bricks and mortar for education to take place in a space.  It’s a part of that space, and as much as anything else, it’s a part of the education we provide.  The leading innovation in the furniture that St. Georges School selected, communicates through the quality and design that they are a forward thinking organisation. 
We’ve seen the studies encouraging movement in the classroom, and speaking about total cost of ownership, but being able to put that into a simple, straight-forward specification isn’t always easy.  With help from Fielding Nair International ( – architects and change agents for education design, and internationally acclaimed educational facilities), we were able to deliver a solution that incorporates forward-thinking design and promotes the best value of total cost of ownership.
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