The Future Office – I

The Future Office isn’t a distant depiction of what the workplace can look like – it’s the best practices of today being amplified for the majority of the workplace as a whole tomorrow.  The way computers are used in pretty much every business and help us achieve far more productivity than we could have twenty years ago, is the same as taking what is systematically working well in the office and watching it explode as the norm, as people discover it’s untapped potential.  When society as a whole can find a significant benefit from a relatively simple process change, we adapt, or as the social-media-era would put it – we trend. 

“A quiet revolution is happening in the places we work.  And this time, the transformation is only partly driven by technology.  It’s also a response to a new generation of workers with new ideas about life and work, ready and willing to abandon the conventions that have long governed office life – the 9-to-5 workday, the coat and tie, the once-coveted private office.  Change has come and we are just beginning to see what it will look like. 

One thing is clear.  In the 21st century office, the name of the game is collaboration.  And it’s played on a field whose boundaries and forms are flexible and fluid, where the walls that once defined structure and hierarchy have yielded to unmapped territories where people can make connections that lead to innovation…” – Steve Delfino, CoCreate 

We can talk about the workplace trends, the four different generations in the office and the need for knowledge workers.  But we’ll leave the research and business philosophy to management guru’s like Peter Drucker, already renowned worldwide for their expertise in the field.  What we will do is give you sneak-peeks at what this future office looks like – because it’s already being implemented by some of the most powerful organisations in the world!  And it not only adds to the bottom-line, it challenges it.  We have a startling example of ‘Total Cost of Ownership’ in our next chapter – not one that we did ourselves, one that was implemented and tabulated.  One of many that won’t stay hidden for long, because like we said earlier, when so many can benefit from doing so little, we trend. 

Until next time – go change the world.  P.H. 

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