Mission and Vision

Our Vision

At Total Interiors our Corporate Vision is to be the premier “Can Do Company” for Office Business furniture in BC committed to long term relationships with employees, clients and suppliers alike.

We are proudly Canadian, making an environmental difference throughout the world.

Our Mission

At Total Interiors our Mission is to treat customers and employees like family. In our business dealings we will appreciate each interaction in a trusting manner valuing and seeking input from all.

To achieve this we will strive to be the leading supplier, servicing the corporate office furniture market

We will continually innovate and deliver outstanding results while we endeavor to reduce our global footprint

Total Interiors members will always act in an ethical manner and apply the highest standards of customer service while being a good corporate citizen in the communities we serve.

Company Values

To Our Employees:

Total Office believes in the empowerment of all employees with a work environment based around trust. We operate in a relaxed, casual, humorous family atmosphere. Our employees are valued and their expertise is appreciated; they are part of the decision making process. We are a family; appreciating each member; trusting, valuing and seeking input from all.

To Our Customers:

At Total Interiors we offer unique business furniture with premier products and services. We are the“Can Do Company” and will do whatever it takes to achieve our client’s goals. We offer exceptional service everyday to all customers. We strive to understand our clients’ needs and make their jobs easier.

To the World at Large:

At Total Interiors we promote environmental sustainability and we recycle cardboard, shrink wrap and metal which represents most of the waste generated in the products we supply. All of the environmental stewardship at the local level is great, but at Total Office our biggest contribution to the planet is selling contract quality, Canadian manufactured products that are built to last. In 2009 over 80% of our sales were products manufactured in Canada by Canadian workers who earn fair wages and pay taxes, by Canadian companies who are ISO certified and adhere to strict environmental standards and sustainable practices. We are proudly Canadian, making an environmental difference.