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Office Space and Furniture Planning

Our design team will work with the stake holders to identify key objectives and activities to provide design, layout, furniture, colour, fabric and finish options to help you develop a highly functional and versatile furniture plan. We use AutoCAD and CET to provide 2D, 3D layouts and renderings. These help in visualizing the space when the project is completed. These also provide accuracy, scaled representation and seamless integration with the architect’s drawings. The drawings also incorporate the furniture which can then be easily added, removed or reconfigured as your plan evolves.

Furniture Selection & Ordering

Once the layout has been finalized, our team will help you choose the right furniture manufactured by our manufacturing partners. We have a comprehensive offering for every type of furniture and accessory needed to create an innovative working environment. There are numerous options and our team is trained to guide you through this process and arrive at the solution that fits your requirement.

Ergonomic Solutions

We believe in designing a work space that is comfortable, efficient, safe and productive. After analysing job functions and environmental factors, we recommend different configurations and furniture accessories which prevent workplace related injuries. We also work with our clients in providing training to the staff for proper use of these tools.

Delivery and Installation

Our trained and certified installers are a pleasure to work with. They provide professional delivery and installation service with a smile. Our installation team has worked with products of all major manufacturers and will work to ensure that your system’s installation is on-time and on-budget. Our installation team along with our design and project management team will also assist in value engineering a solution for your office that will save money without compromising in functionality. The team would not only install the furniture but will also ensure that all the garbage and packing material is segregated and disposed off or recycled in the best possible way.

Reconfiguration and Moves

Our project management, design and installation team can also assist in getting the most out of your existing furniture. We can inventory your existing furniture and then design a solution that reconfigures the existing product to create a new office environment at minimal expense. We can also assist you in your office moves and can help you with dismantling, moving and reassembling your existing furniture.

Preventive Maintenance

Our TLC (Tender Loving Care) program gives you the opportunity to periodically maintain your existing furniture. Under this program, we clean, lubricate, touch up, tighten and refresh your furniture which allows you to get the most out of it and ensures that your investment goes a long way.

Warranty – Non Warranty Service

We offer warranty repair services for product lines that we represent. This service will be provided even if you have purchased the furniture from another dealership.Depending on the terms of manufacturer’s warranty, this service might cover labour or parts or both. Non warranty repairs can be done on practically all kinds of furniture from all manufacturers.